God and nibbana

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God and nibbana

Postby Thejourney » Sat Jul 22, 2017 10:40 pm

Many articles seems to agree with beginning less, yet, in the same breath many mention God.

How can there be God if no one has experienced God? It seems that there is attempt to call nibbana "god". Human has a need to conceptualize that oneness as oneness with God. Again we are giving a name or concept to oneness experience at the same time saying conventional reality is all about name and concept.

Why not just call it oneness experience? Buddha's description is more scientific and precise.

Freddie Yam
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Re: God and nibbana

Postby Freddie Yam » Sun Jul 23, 2017 6:46 pm

How can there be God if no one has experienced God?

An Advaitin would answer: "God is the experiencer not any experience. God is that which sees through your eyes."

In other words, you are God, and the fact that you are experiencing things, that you are conscious, is the proof.

Or to put that another way, the fact that experiences are happening -- in other words, the situation in which events are known, because by definition an experience must be known -- that situation, that state of affairs in which experience happens, is God.

I would say that everybody experiences God all the time because everything is God. The reason some people think they haven't experienced God is because they expect God to be some particular experience or object. God isn't always like that (however sometimes God is like that). Expecting God to be an experience or object is like expecting to see a TV set in a TV show that is being displayed on that TV. The TV isn't in the show.

I think the experience of holiness is probably very common although people might not think of using a word like "holiness." People often feel it when they see a newborn baby, when they hear of a self-abnegating generous gesture, when they see enemies forgive each other, and so forth. The feeling of holiness is our mental representation of God just like redness is our mental representation of light of a certain wavelength.

People find holiness in their own hearts not in doctrines or books.

Nibbana isn't necessary in order to feel holiness. Anybody can feel it.

It seems that there is attempt to call nibbana "god".

Everything is God. Nibbana is God, automobiles are God, dog shit is God, consciousness is God, love is God.

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Re: God and nibbana

Postby Chagnon » Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:12 pm

Is it fair to say that Nibbana makes you more aware of the holiness and helps you feel it though, Freddie?

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God and nibbana

Postby Michaelseeft » Sun Aug 05, 2018 2:54 am

nThank you, and God Bless You for sharing this with us Love You, Friendrnrn