40 Verses, #6

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40 Verses, #6

Postby mcgoverntm » Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:21 am

"The world is nothing more than an embodiment of the objects perceived by the five sense-organs."
I believe that this verse would be better rendered without the phrase, "of the objects." It would then be, "The world is nothing more than an embodiment perceived by the mind from the data of the five sense-organs." There are no objects in reality. Objects are created by the mind/ego from sense data.

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Re: 40 Verses, #6

Postby Realization » Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:54 am

Ramana doesn't say "objects" or "embodiment" in the Tamil original. Even if a person doesn't know Tamil, he or she can use Robert Butler's word-for-word translation and commentary to see what Ramana actually wrote:

Robert Butler's book

The literal meaning of this line in the original is something like, "The world is nothing but an image made of the five kinds of sensory perceptions."

The word I just translated as "image" is uru in the original. Most translators usually translate uru as "form", but Arthur Osborne (editor and probably author of the translation that you've quoted) translates it here as "embodiment". Google gives "image" as uru's primary meaning. I think Ramana was using it in the sense of rupa in Sanskrit which is a technical term in Indian philosophy.