Yogis, animals, and Cernunnos

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Yogis, animals, and Cernunnos

Postby Realization » Wed Jun 18, 2014 3:21 pm

It has often been reported that animals are attracted to saints, yogis, people meditating or in samadhi, etc. Wayne Wirs gives an example in this blog post:


Saint Francis and Ramana Maharshi are famous examples -- Lakshmi the cow, etc.

And check out this picture of our poetry editor with Rocky the squirrel:

http://realization.org/p/charlie-hopkin ... pkins.html

I used to live with a cat who would come lie on me like a sphinx when I meditated and remain motionless, purring without interruption until I finished, even if it went on for hours.

Reason I bring this up is that I just ran across a picture of the Gundestrup Cauldron, an Iron-age artifact. The antlered figure is usually taken to be Cernunnos, a Celtic god.



His eyes seem to be closed; he looks like a yogi. The deer on his right and hound on his left, natural enemies, seem to be at peace due to his influence.

A Celtic yogi? This cauldron was dug up in Denmark.
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Re: Yogis, animals, and Cernunnos

Postby charlie hopkins » Thu Jun 19, 2014 3:07 pm

I have seen several examples of animals being attracted to a Yogi/saint. Several years ago Baba Shivarudra Balayogi was staying in our home. One night a mother raccoon with 3 of her young came to the front door to steal food from the cat's bowl. The door is full glass and we could see them eating. Baba squatted down and put the palm of his hand against the glass. The mother coon immediately stopped eating and placed the palm of her own paw on the glass, as if high fiving Baba's hand. Baba repeated this three more times. Twice the coon put her paw against the glass and the third time literally placed her own head on the glass as if receiving a benediction. There is a photograph of this I will post if I can find it. I decided to test my own degree of saintliness and put the palm of my hand against the glass. The mother coon began to growl. Served me right.

The next year when Baba came back for another visit we were walking along a nearby road for exercise. A wild cotton tailed rabbit jumped out of a hay field within two feet of us, made a 180 degree turn and hopped beside us as we walked down the road. These are not impressive tales of lions and tigers but they are true.

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