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Nothing Existed Except the Eyes of the Maharshi by N.R. Krishnamurti Aiyer. Oct. 29, 2001

Who Are You? An Interview With Papaji by Jeff Greenwald. Oct. 24, 2001

An Interview with Byron Katie by Sunny Massad. Oct. 23, 2001

An Interview with Douglas Harding by Kriben Pillay. Oct. 21, 2001

The Nectar of Immortality by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Oct. 18, 2001

The Power of the Presence Part Two by David Godman. Oct. 15, 2001

The Quintessence of My Teaching
by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Oct. 3, 2001

Interview With David Godman. Sept. 28, 2001

The Power of the Presence Part One by David Godman. Sept. 28, 2001

Nothing Ever Happened Volume 1 by David Godman. Sept. 23, 2001

Collision with the Infinite by Suzanne Segal. Sept. 22, 2001

Lilly of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star by Charlie Hopkins. August 9, 2001

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Rope and Snake I
September 30, 2001 – 10:47 am

Is that a snake around David Godman's neck? Is he practicing to recognize that the snake is really a rope like Sankara says?

Carol Bertoni

Rope and Snake II
September 30, 2001 12:25 am

The snake might have been a better bet as an illustration. After all, the snake-in-the-rope model has been used ad nauseam by gurus galore.

Sandeep Chatterjee
(From the Realization.org mail group)

What snake? Can't you folks recognize a rope when you see one? Maybe an enlargement will help:




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