Be As You Are

In our opinion this superb collection of extracts from Ramana Maharshi's writings and dialogues is the best single-volume introduction to his teachings. This is the book we recommend to people who want to read about Sri Ramana for the first time.

The editor, David Godman, is probably the foremost living expert on Sri Ramana's teachings. David has gone through dozens of books by and about Sri Ramana and collected passages which most clearly state various points of his teaching. These extracts are organized thematically into chapters with higher teachings first and less important ones last.

David has also provided informative introductions to each chapter and to the book as a whole as well as a glossary and notes.

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Be as You Are: The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi

Published by Penguin

272 pages

ISBN-10: 0140190627

ISSBN-13: 978-0140190625

This page was published on April 3, 2014